4 Steps to Eliminating Mold Contamination from Your Building

4 Steps to Eliminating Mold Contamination from Your Building

April showers bring May flowers, but they also create the perfect breeding ground for mold. Though mold is one of the most abundant forms of life on the planet, you don’t want any near the place you live. Mold contamination can lead to several detrimental health effects, including respiratory disease. One of the things that make mold contamination so dangerous is how hard it can be to remove once it begins. If mold isn’t removed correctly, all it takes is a single spore to begin the infestation anew. At Restored Air, we are experts in identifying and removing mold from commercial and residential structures. Here are our four steps to eliminating mold contamination from your building.

Step 1: Visual Mold Assessment

You can’t solve a problem until you know the score of the situation. The Restore Air mold remediation process starts with a complete visual mold assessment. We search for areas in the structure with signs of mold contamination and identify the source. Depending on the situation, we may use air quality testing to identify and determine the severity of your mold problem precisely. Remember, any mold spores in the air can reach your lungs, where they do serious harm to your body.

Step 2: 3rd Party Analysis

Once we’ve determined that there is mold contamination, we learn more about the kind of mold spores we are dealing with and what the best course of action is for removal. The air & surface samples collected are sent to a trusted third party laboratory for a complete analysis.  The results are typically received within 48 hours. The data from the laboratory is used to create a very detailed mold inspection report including photos, along with the complete analysis report from the third party laboratory. These reports are great information to have when buying a home, so you know there’s no mold contamination that you will need to pay for in the future. And since mold can harm building residents, the reports are useful for ensuring a commercial property is safe and mold-free.

Step 3: Create & Implement a Mold Remediation Plan

Using the collected data, Restored Air creates a comprehensive mold remediation plan to eliminate your mold problem and prevent its return. We utilize an exclusive technology and process for removing mold from your home and business that is 100 percent guaranteed to be effective. The comprehensive mold remediation plan is customized for every structure we treat. This ensures that our clients won’t pay for unnecessary treatments or get a treatment plan that’s inadequate to handle their contamination. Restored Air’s Surface Secure antimicrobial is applied to the treatment areas, creating a barrier that inhibits mold growth for a period of up to one year after treatment.

Step 4: Collect Air Samples for Retesting

As we complete the remediation plan, we take extra steps to ensure that everything goes appropriately and successfully. Restored Air collects new air samples which are submitted to an accredited third-party lab. We do this after each indoor treatment to gauge the success of the mold removal process.

We also offer our customers optional independent post-treatment testing after the completion of the project for added peace of mind. You never have to worry about a half-done job with Restored Air. Not only is our process guaranteed, but our team also remains on the job status until all proposed aspects of the project have been completed.

Send us a message online if you have questions about Restored Air’s Surface Secure process that creates a barrier that inhibits mold growth for a period of up to one year after treatment.