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HVAC Duct Cleaning makes certain that your family, employees, and co-workers are breathing the highest quality air at your home or place of business. Recently, the EPA ranked indoor air quality as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health throughout America. Studies have also shown that the quality of air you are breathing in your home could be 2-5 times worse than the quality of outdoor air. For these reasons, working with Restored Air Disaster Solutions to ensure that your air ducts are clean and are not contaminating your home has never been more important. We use our video inspection equipment to examine your air ducts and determine which equipment will be necessary to clean your air ducts, then we begin our work. You will not regret working with Restored Air Disaster Solutions to provide your family with higher air quality which will lead to a higher quality life.

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At Restored Air Disaster Solutions, we believe we have found the most efficient machine to ensure that we leave your air ducts cleaner than the day your home was built. Most air duct cleaning machines use accessories that put severe stress on your air ducts that may eventually damage your duct work. Our team uses soft brush heads that do not put this unnecessary weight and stress on your duct work. We use different forms of brushes when we work on different type of ducts. This keeps our team from having a one size fits all approach that would negatively affect the quality of work we conduct at your home.

Duct Cleaning Is A Mandatory Service When It Comes To Your Home.

Not only does our team provide top of the line duct cleaning, Restored Air Disaster Solutions also offers dryer vent cleaning to our clients. Dryer vents can be one of the most dangerous areas in your home when not taken care of properly. 84 % of dryer fires were found to have started at residential properties and they all could have been avoided if they had been cleaned properly. Restored Air uses our inspection camera to locate the dirt, lint, and possible bacteria that may have built up in your dryer vents. Our team then cleans your dryer vents to ensure the safety of your family and potentially prevent future fires at your home.

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“Restored Air provides fire & smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, sewage cleanup, odor removal, mold remediation and antimicrobial services to Charleston and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction and have been doing so for close to a decade! We use state-of-the-art technology that is exclusive to Restored Air® in South Carolina. Call us today for a free consultation.”

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