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Air Duct Cleaning In Mount Pleasant, SC

It’s rainy here on the coast of South Carolina. We receive 25% more precipitation than the rest of the country. Mold thrives in overly moist air ducts, whether caused by flooding or moisture in the air. Mold can grow on any of your heating and cooling system’s hard surfaces. There are additional times to clean your ducts. Act immediately if you become aware of rodent or insect infestations or debris. Ducts can become clogged by dust from a recent renovation or by fire and smoke damage. Additionally, if your ducts are clogged, you should contact a duct cleaning service.

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Restored Air Disaster Solutions Offers Air Duct Cleaning In Mount Pleasant SC

There are several benefits to clean air ducts. First, clean air ducts mean a cleaner house. The dust and debris from inside the HVAC system are being blown into your living spaces several times a day. Keeping that dust out of the house saves you time and energy because cleaning will be easier.

A cleaner home is also good for your health. You and your family spend 90% of your day indoors. Breathing in dust and debris particles can cause sinus flare-ups, allergies, headaches, and asthma. Breathing in dirty air can even damage the heart and cardiovascular system and cause auto-immune problems like rashes.

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Air Duct Cleaning Process

The first step is to conduct an inspection. The technician will inspect the interior of your ducts to determine the type of service you require. They will prepare your home for service after carefully reviewing their findings with you.

The next step is to clear the area of debris. The technician will connect a commercial-grade vacuum to your HVAC system’s mainline. It generates negative pressure within the ducts, sucking contaminants into a containment unit.

You can put your trust in Restored Air. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we only use environmentally friendly techniques and products. Our air duct cleaning service and other disaster restoration services will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to experience the level of service that only a locally owned and family-operated business can provide.

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