We offer a revolutionary product for disinfecting surfaces and preventing mold for commercial and residential applications.

We offer commercial and residential
disinfection services to Charleston, SC

Restored Air provides superior disinfection and mold preventative solutions through its revolutionary Surface Secure™ product.

What is Surface Secure™

Surface Secure™ is a durable, antimicrobial, surface protectant that utilizes quick-killing technologies against mold, mildew, algae, yeast, viruses, bacteria and more. This environmentally friendly solution creates a barricade on the surface of any substrate, protecting the substrate itself from harmful microbes that come in contact with the surface.

This means that mold, bacteria, and viruses cannot permeate or grow on any surface that has been treated with Surface Secure™.

Surface Secure™ is applied using specialized equipment to ensure proper application.

Once dried, it begins working to inhibit microbial growth and will not wash off, even after the surface is cleaned with other solutions.

Restored Air’s Surface Secure™ antimicrobial is applied to the treatment areas, creating a barrier that inhibits mold growth for a period of up to one year after treatment. We have PMII certifications that fully equip us to test, inspect, understand and correct your mold problems.


Anyone who is concerned with bacteria, viruses, and mold growth can benefit from the amazing results that Surface Secure™ has to offer. Our bio-static antimicrobial applications provide durable surface protection continuously working 24/7 to inhibit the growth of microbes which can cause sickness, stains, odors or declination of products.

Our clients can rest assured knowing that once their homes, vehicles or places of business have been treated with Surface Secure™, the results are proven and will last.

Gym Facilites

Automotive Dealerships

Hospitals & Clinics

Home Owners & Renters

Schools & Daycares

Sports Arenas

Restaurants & Bars

Marinas & Boat Facilities

Hotels & More

Restored Air will work with you to create a customized treatment plan
for your facility, home or vehicle.

Whether you want your entire facility or home to be treated, or you prefer only certain areas or rooms to be treated, we will work with you to create a custom plan for your disinfection needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Always go with your gut. If you found yourself on our website, you probably have an issue! If you suspect you have a mold problem in your home or business, don't wait and take the chance that you, your family or your staff is inhaling contaminated air. Many people that contact us don't see mold, but they know there is an issue because of smell, a water leak, or some other factor that put a warning sign up.

You may visually see mold or mildew around your home or business, or you may have smelled a musty odor. If you see mold, it's clear you have a problem and you should call Restored Air immediately. If you smell a moldy, musty odor, you should call us to get the property tested for mold. You can't always rely upon your senses though. Hidden mold can be growing in places exposed to excessive moisture. If you have had any known issues, it's always good to test and make sure your air and surfaces are clean!

Absolutely not! Most mold problems go unnoticed before visible signs appear, and the costliest mold repair jobs are caused by mold that was unnoticed and ignored. Waiting to test for mold is risky and can cost you thousands of dollars in property damage and pose significant short term and long term health risks.

All indoor mold has to do with moisture, so if you have had a leak in your home or a toilet or bath tub overflow, a slab leak, plumbing issues or a roof leak, you may have a mold issue.

Mold can usually be found in rooms where water usage is common as well as humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and crawlspaces. If you notice mold or know of water damaged areas in your home, take action today to be proactive. Even if you do not have mold, you can have peace of mind that you are breathing in clean air.

If you notice signs of mold growth, it is important you contact
Restored Air immediately for air and surface testing.

You deserve clean air.

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