Fire Damage Restoration In Charleston SC

A fire can cause trauma and severe property loss. Moreover, the aftermath of a fire is something the victims usually cannot deal with on their own. When your house is on fire, make sure you contact those who can help you and your family recover.

We are a fire damage restoration company in Charleston, SC and we are ready to provide assistance to individuals who are affected by potential post-fire damage in and around Charleston, SC. Call us today so we can help you recover as soon as possible.

6 Benefits Of Working With Fire Damage Professionals

1. Avoid Long-Term Damage

House fires can cause lasting damage. After the fire is extinguished, there will be ashes, smoke and the remains of burning objects. Instead of cleaning up the mess yourself, you can simply call an experienced fire damage restoration company to take care of the issues for you. They will get rid of any affected parts of your home that can contribute to long term damage.

2. Get Help From The Experts

The last thing you need after a fire is inexperienced assistance. Of course you want to get help, but make sure that only the right hands are on deck, because unqualified help can sometimes make things worse. This is where a Charleston, SC fire damage restoration company like us can professionally help recover your building from a harsh fire.

3. Reliable Work

While it may seem simple, cleaning a newly burned house can actually be a deadly job. Never underestimate smoke and ashes as they can be dangerous to your health. It’s better to stay safe and let our professional workers handle it. They have the skills and expertise required to get your home life back to normal.

4. Thorough Extermination Of Your Home

Among the main advantages of hiring a Charleston, SC fire damage restoration company is that your home will get a thorough inspection. We have a team of inspectors who will search and identify any point of damage on your property that could potentially cause future problems. We will either fix the issues ourselves or invite a third-party service to take care of them. Either way, we will do our best to restore your home to its pre-fire state.

5. Smoke & Odor Removal

There’s no comfort in living in a house with the smell of smoke. Unfortunately, when your property catches fire, smoke is an inevitable part of the disaster. But a fire damage restoration company like us has a team that is well trained to deal with this kind of problem. So you don’t need to worry about the smoke smell persisting in your building after a fire, because we will eliminate it completely.

6. Collaboration With Insurance Companies

A reliable fire damage restoration company understands how insurance works and the process related to it that must be followed. So by hiring them you are in good hands. They will usually provide all the estimates, photographs, and other documents needed by your insurer to accelerate claims process. Oftentimes, insurance firms also collaborate with the contractor to reduce extra costs to you and your insurer.


It’s always a wise decision to call a Charleston, SC fire damage restoration company as soon as your house catches fire, because in that situation you need expert assistance that you can trust and count on. Through our detailed home inspection and reliable work, Restored Air Disaster Solutions In Charleston can help you avoid long-term property damage. It’s our main goal to ensure you can return home after a severe fire.

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