How Does Water Damage Increase Your Chances Of Mold Growth?

Mold spores are everywhere. They can be found in the air, on surfaces, and even living inside your body! Mold is such a common problem that it’s estimated to affect 40-50% of homes at some point. The most dangerous types of mold for human health grow best in areas where there has been water damage from leaks or flooding. This blog post will discuss how water damage increases your chances of mold growth and what you can do about it.

How Water Damage Increases Your Chances of Mold Growth

The high humidity due to water damage provides moisture for mold to grow.

Mold thrives in high humidity because they need moist environments to grow. Molds produce spores that can be microscopic, which float in the air and land on surfaces like countertops or carpets where they await an excellent condition – high humidity – to reproduce. The higher than normal humidity due to water damage provides perfect conditions for mold growth. Plus, molds can live on almost any organic surface, so they can find a home in your carpet or under the kitchen counter.

The condensation that comes with water damage increases mold growth.

When you have water damage, it’s common for the wet areas to condense and create a humid environment perfect for mold growth. There are two reasons why this happens. First, air will flow over these surfaces to equalize pressure levels on either side of the leak – which creates a humidity gradient at or near the leak site. Second, any water droplets left behind can lead to microbial growth by providing the moisture needed for their sustenance and reproduction.

Mold reproduces much faster where there is water.

Mold will recreate and spread quickly where there is water, which increases your chances of getting mold growth. The high humidity from the stagnant air caused by a leaky pipe or flooded basement will be perfect for growing molds prolific in reproduction. Molds reproduce through spores and can grow on almost any surface, so they’ll be happy to settle into wallpapers, carpets, and wood trim if given enough time with no intervention.

What Can You Do About Water Damage Increasing Your Chances of Mold Growth?

You should consider calling in professional disaster restoration services to fix water damage and eliminate mold growth. At Restored Air, we provide mold remediation, water damage clean up and other restoration services for homeowners.


When you hire us, you’ll get a job done right the first time with no second thoughts. You can be sure that we will work efficiently to remediate any mold and sanitize and deodorize all areas affected by water damage and ensure your home is back in its pre-loss condition.

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