HVAC Duct Cleaning


What is your family breathing? The Environmental Protection Agency has ranked poor indoor air pollution among the top 5 risks for public health multiple years in a row.

Your Air Duct System
Could Be Contaminated

Without even knowing, your air duct system could be contaminated with particulates that are harmful for you and your family to breathe. Each time your heating and cooling system turns on, it can circulate dust, dust mites, animal dander, pollen and bacteria throughout the air inside your home.

Indoor Air Quaity (IAQ) Facts:

  • The EPA has ranked indoor air quality as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health.
  • More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. According to Total Health and Better Health magazine, 1 out of 4 people who suffer from allergies, do so, due to the fungi and bacteria in the air duct system.
  • Indoor air is 2-5 times worse than outdoor air.


Just like your air ducts you can’t see inside your dryer vent!

Using our video inspection camera, we can show you all of the dirt and lint that stays inside your dryer and vent once you have completed your laundry and cleared the lint trap. Lint will build up in the dryer, transition duct and exhaust duct which can reduce airflow and create a dangerous situation which can lead to overheating and dryer inefficiencies, and in some cases, fires.

When moisture cannot escape it will invite mold and bacteria build up as well. By cleaning your dryer vent, we can help ensure your clothes dryer is both safe and energy efficient!

Lint is one of the most flammable items in your home!

With estimates of 15,500 US home fires being contributed to dirty dryer vents, it is more important than ever to get your dryer vent inspected and serviced.

Dryer Vent Stats:

  • In the Topical Fire Report Services, the US Fire Administration’s National Fire Incident Reporting System states that 84% of dryer fires were found in residential dwellings. The leading cause remains the same, Failure to Clean!
  • 54% of the fires were confined to the object of origin- the clothes dryer.

Restored Air Duct Cleaning Service vs. Negative Air or other air duct cleaning machines

Our brush and vacuum equipment rotates at 450rpm which makes it safe and effective to clean all types of ductwork.

Some air duct cleaning machines use air whips or accessories that are weighed down inside your ducts or spin at such a rapid high speed it could tear your duct work apart. We have specialized soft brush heads that we use on flex duct and fiber board type ducting and stiffer brushes on metal ducts.

Using our video inspection equipment we are able to inspect your ducts so we know which equipment and accessories will work best in your home, we also use this equipment to show you before and after the cleaning process.

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