Keep Your Home In Charleston Smelling Great All Spring

Fire, smoke, mold, mildew, pets, carpet, foods, and upholstery are just some of the few sources of bad odors in a home. Even if your house looks shiny and clean, if it smells bad it will make you feel uncomfortable and affect the air quality of your property. It may also negatively impact your health and create a negative impression on your visitors. If you are planning to get rid of bad smells in your house your best choice is to hire a professional odor control and odor removal company in Charleston, SC to keep your home in Charleston smelling great all Spring.

Odor Control And Odor Removal Home Remedies In Charleston SC

Here are some efficient ways that you can use to make your house smell fresh and clean:

Open The Windows

When you open the windows, you allow the air to circulate, and you can reduce all the bad smells.

Use Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda in your carpets, pet beds, bed linens, upholstery, and any other piece of furniture that easily absorbs smells. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then vacuum it. If the smell persists, then it may be time to replace the piece.

Exhaust Fan

Cooking will usually leave a light film of grease that adheres to all kinds of surfaces in your kitchen, such as countertops, walls, cabinets, and more. An exhaust fan has the main purpose of filtering out the moist air, steam, and dust from the kitchen, preventing mold’s appearance. It helps remove the burnt and smoke smell, preventing the grease from clinging to your curtain and walls.

Ventilate The Bathrooms

Bathrooms are full of moisture so you need to ensure proper air circulation in order to prevent the appearance of mold and mildew. Keep the windows open or use a fan and use an air-purifying system or dehumidifier.


This has a delicious smell. You can either use coffee grounds or powder coffee in cupboards or shelves. It will absorb bad odors, and it is an easy and affordable odor removal option.


Sometimes home remedies are not enough to get rid of bad odors, so your need to hire a professional odor control company in Charleston, SC. We work with the most innovative methods and professional tools to identify, remove, and prevent bad odors. Restored Air Disaster Solutions will carry the task efficiently and in a short amount of time, you won’t have to do anything. Sit down and enjoy the fresh and clean smell of your house. We only work with commercial-grade products that don’t pose a risk to your family or pets. We will eliminate the source of the problem, so you no longer have to worry about bad smells.

Restored Air provides disaster restoration, fire & smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, sewage cleanup, odor removal, mold remediation and antimicrobial services to Charleston and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction and have been doing so for close to a decade! We use state-of-the-art technology that is exclusive to Restored Air® in South Carolina. Call us today for a free consultation.

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