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At Restored Air Disaster Solutions, each mold inspection is meant to determine the severity of the mold problem at your home or business in Charleston, South Carolina. In humid places like the Greater Charleston Area, mold can become a serious problem for homeowners and business owners. Therefore, we promptly determine the source of the mold and swiftly move to see it removed.  Each mold inspection begins with an extremely thorough inspection of your home or facility. This inspection is meant to locate the source of the mold and determine the extent to which it has spread throughout the building. We locate the mold by using our state-of-the-art thermal technology which expedites our entire process. By expediting this portion of the process, we can quickly begin eradicating the mold from your property.

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After our exhaustive inspection, air samples and surface samples are sent to a third-party lab to analyze the scope of the mold issue at your property. After only 1 to 2 days, Restored Air Disaster Solutions will receive analysis of the samples sent to the lab. From here, we provide our clients a full mold inspection report that includes photos of the mold damage at their home and a complete analysis of the samples sent to our third-party lab. From here, Restored Air Disaster Solutions begins to prepare a full mold remediation plan for our clients. Included in this mold remediation plan is a detailed list of the steps we take to eliminate their mold problems, and what we do to ensure that mold growth does not return to their home or property.

We Offer Commercial & Residential Mold Inspections.

In order to guarantee that mold growth does not return, we apply our Restored Air Surface secure antimicrobial to all the areas of the home where mold growth had occurred. This antimicrobial works as an inhibitor of mold growth for sometimes up to one full year after the treatment is applied. To finish our process, we offer our customers optional independent post treatment testing after the completion of the project. Our follow-up testing will ensure that all contaminants have been eradicated from your property.

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