Should I Replace Or Repair My Water Damaged Floors In Charleston?

Flooring is an essential part of the home. Therefore, it is fair that you maintain it properly to avoid water damage issues. However, water damage tends to be inevitable, and as such, you need a professional to help with the water restoration process. Water damages may include broken pipes, water heater leaks, and natural disasters like floods. Our Charleston professionals can help you repair or replace water-damaged floors as fast as possible without causing more damage.

When You Should Repair Your Water Damaged Floors

If the floor water damage is not substantial, you may consider repairing it with professional or independent help. Below are factors you to consider when opting to repair your water-damaged floors.

How Expensive Is The Water Damage?

If the water covering the floor has not been there for long, you may be facing a few minor cosmetic repairs. As long as the floor is still functional and has not been completely damaged, you can hire a professional for quick water mitigation.

How Clean Is The Water?

If the water is clean, it translates to less safety risk to the people consuming and using the water. This could include an overflowing bathtub, washing machine, or dishwasher. Clean water tends to also come from a leaky pipe.

Is The Damaged Area Fully Dry Within 48 Hours?

If the water on the floor takes less than two days to dry up, chances are you not dealing with a mold or mildew issue.

When You Should Replace Your Water Damaged Floors

Unlike repairs, replacements usually involve a time-consuming process that requires more resources. Huge disasters such as floods or a busted water heater usually mean you need floor replacement. Regardless of the water damage caused, you may have to decide to replace or repair your floors. Below are aiding factor for deciding if you should replace:

Extensive Water Damage

After a thorough professional inspection, you can determine if deterioration and significant damage have occurred. If you notice that the subflooring appears swollen, you should consider a complete replacement.

The Water Is Unhygienic

Severe water damage can cause unsanitary black water. Blackwater is mostly water that comes from a river or sewage. The bacteria amount present in black water is enough to cause serious health complications, meaning you have to consider replacing the whole floor.

The Area Stays Wet For More Than 48 Hours

If the water remains on the surface for more than 48 hours, you should always assume that you have a mold or mildew problem. As such, you need to hire a professional flooring company to help replace the floor.


When dealing with water damage, you need to know if you need to replace or repair the floor to avoid extra work and save costs. Therefore, check the extent of the damage, the sanitary level, or how long the water stays on the surface if you want to replace the floor. Alternatively, you can also consider which option is more affordable for you before.

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