Water Mitigation, Restoration, & Cleanup In Charleston SC

Water mitigation is a vital part of lessening the damage caused by water in Charleston. You should take immediate help to minimize the damage. Water damage will not only cause financial loss, but it can also lead to major health issues. Whether it is a weakened roof, flood, storm, overflowing appliances, and busted pipes, talk to a professional straight away to prevent further damage. An experienced water restoration service can ensure proper water cleanup and restoration in Charleston, SC. This article will discuss water clean up in Charleston, SC, and why you must hire an experienced company for water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Charleston SC

Water damage is common in coastal areas. Even if it is common, it can cause some major damages. If you leave it unaddressed for a long period of time, you will have to spend more on the water mitigation in Charleston, SC. Quick restoration is essential to manage the damage at an early stage. You can imagine what will happen if you do not clean the water from your home. The standing water will damage your belongings and might cause mold and bacteria growth. It will aggravate the existing breathing issues. Therefore, you should never ignore water damage, even if it is not severe.

The humid and hot conditions in Charleston cause thunderstorms and cyclones in the summer. You can witness extratropical storms in spring, winter, and fall. All these conditions can cause water damage. The torrential rain and powerful wind can cause ceiling leaks, roof damage, and even foundation issues. In some cases, tornadoes and hurricanes can be severe. The adverse weather can rip off your roof shingles. The wind and rain can damage your garage door as well.

High humidity can accelerate the growth of mold and bacteria. The heavy rain and wind can result in flash flooding. The large objects and debris can be swept up and damage your property. A skilled water mitigation service provider should handle your basement flood, ceiling leaks, and any water damage.

Water Damage Mitigation in Charleston

As mentioned earlier, water damage can be severe. You can hire professionals for the restoration. They will inspect the damaged area, and then they can create the mitigation plan. Abnormal moisture can pose a major challenge. If it exists for a long time, mold will grow. The standing water will cause many other damages to your property. Let’s cover the damages that can occur from water damage:

Mold Growth

Moisture will cause mold growth. If you allow the water to seep into floorboards, it will create a favorable environment for the mold resulting in unpleasant odors. It will cause airborne spores leading to many respiratory issues.

Extensive Damage

Even if it is a minor leak, it can affect the floor’s integrity. The accumulation of water can cause warpage and rot over time. The flowing water can travel to some other areas. All these might lead to extensive damages. You might need to replace your floor and some other expensive belongings.

Structural Damage

It is worth mentioning that water damage can cause structural problems if you allow the standing water to stay on your property for a long time. Structural issues are concerning. You might need to spend much more when the water affects the structure of your building.

Electrical Damage

The moisture can damage your electrical systems. It might damage the electrical boxes, outlets, washing machines, furnaces, kitchen appliances, and other electronics. If you address the issue immediately, you can minimize the damage significantly.

Personal Items Damage

Standing water can cause both minor and major damages. It will affect the structure of your home and can damage your items. If you do not act quickly, the moisture can cause permanent damage. You will not be able to use your books, photographs, and many other things anymore.

The Benefits of Professional Water Cleanup Experts

Water damage can cause more severe problems than you would expect. The impact will be beyond your imagination. Just imagine what will happen if you see most of your household things are completely damaged after the restoration. You will have to act smart and hire a professional soon after you experience the problem. Skilled, certified, and experienced professionals can offer you the best help for water mitigation in Charleston, SC.

An experienced and reputable water restoration company will use advanced technologies to clean, dry, and disinfect the damaged area. They will eliminate the moisture from walls, flooring, carpets, furniture and prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Here are some benefits that you can expect from a certified and reliable water restoration company.

1. Fast Restoration

Water damage is going to affect your life in many ways. As mentioned above, quick action can minimize the damage and restore the damaged area fast. Experienced water restoration services will act fast. They know how to bring back normalcy in the minimum possible time. They will clean up the water and disinfect the area. They will have skilled team members to take care of an adverse condition.

2. Treats The Mold Growth

Moisture will result in mold growth. Mold can develop in all the possible places, such as your ceiling and under your wooden siding. Molds are toxic and can cause allergies.

3. Insurance Help

A reputable service will be armed with experience. They understand the insurance requirements. They can help you with the documentation and other processes to claim for insurance. They can give you the damage proof to justify your claim.


Water damage is capable of causing serious damage to homes and commercial buildings throughout Charleston. It is essential to contact professionals when you believe water damage has occurred. The expertise and mitigation process deployed by Restored Air Disaster Solutions restoration professionals will potentially save your home’s structural integrity if the damage is that severe. 

Restored Air provides disaster restoration, fire & smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, sewage cleanup, odor removal, mold remediation and antimicrobial services to Charleston and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction and have been doing so for close to a decade! We use state-of-the-art technology that is exclusive to Restored Air® in South Carolina. Call us today for a free consultation.

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