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Restored Air Offers Professional Water Damage Repair, Water Clean Up, Water Damage Restoration, and Flood Water Removal Services In Summerville, SC.

Water Removal Summerville SC

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Water Removal Experts

Restored Air, based in Summerville, South Carolina, is aware of the harm water can cause to a house or other piece of property. Restored Air is constantly ready to assist clients who experience water damage emergencies and moves quickly to return your home to its pre-damage condition. Both minor leaks and severe weather events can result in mildew, mold, and possible structural damage if the issue is not resolved right away. Although all of this may seem overwhelming, the seasoned experts at Restored Air Disaster Solutions enjoy overcoming these challenges. We have been providing service to the low-country for almost ten years and have assisted countless families in restoring their homes after experiencing water damage. Restored Air Disaster Solutions provides complete water damage restoration and cleanup services.

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Looking For A Local Water Removal Company Near Me?

Summerville and the neighboring Lowcountry towns are proudly served by Restored Air Disaster Solutions! The significance of drying properties in the Summerville area cannot be overstated. Drying stops building materials from warping and substrates from swelling. Restored Air has the tools and high-speed air movers necessary to quickly remove water from carpet, furniture, and other surfaces. When the water damage has been ignored for a certain period of time and has advanced, this becomes even more crucial. There are instances when water damage to your home may exist without your knowledge. These warning signs include discolored walls and ceilings that are stained, marked, or overall discolored as well as an unidentified damp odor.

Water Removal Charleston SC

Benefits Of Having Your Water Removed Quickly

Restored Air is a qualified IICRC certified restoration contractor that understands the importance of responding promptly and communicating with the homeowner and insurance adjuster. What separates Restored Air Disaster Solutions from other companies within the damage restoration industry is our willingness to commit our time to learning the most modern methods and investing in state-of-the-art equipment. Our equipment includes moisture detectors, infrared cameras, hygrometers, blowers, air movers, dehumidifiers, and air filtration equipment. This equipment allows Restored Air to detect, dry, and remove all water that is present within your home or property.

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Water Removal Summerville

Water Damage Repair

Our team is with you every step of the way. If your home or office has been damaged by a flood or leak, Restored Air can help restore your peace of mind. We use professional equipment to safely and effectively fix water damage.

Water Removal & Extraction

Restored Air has commercial equipment to quickly remove water from your home, office, or building. We safely remove all flood water from the premise so that your property can begin the drying process.

Flood Removal

If your property have suffered from a flood Restored Air can help. We offer emergency 24/7 water clean up and flood removal services in Charleston. Don’t hesitate to call the professionals to help with your water problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Restored Air Disaster Solutions offers professional water removal services in Summerville, SC. Our team is fully trained and prepared to tackle any and all commercial or residential projects related to water removal. Here are a few questions we are asked on a regular basis. 

The first step should be to immediately shut off your water supply.
You never want to leave a leak unattended or to delay responding to it, and turning off your water is a good place to start.
After shutting off the water supply, attempt to clean up any excess water left behind by the leak using towels.

If the leak is extensive and significant amounts of water are spilled, it may also be prudent to turn off the electricity to avoid an electrical fire. If possible, move any water-damaged items to a safe location.

The first step is to completely drain the affected area of water (s).
Once the water has been removed completely, our restorers use state-of-the-art dehumidifiers and other tools to dry out any remaining water and moisture, assisting in the fight against mold growth.

Moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras are used following the drying stage to ensure that the area is truly dry.
We take this extra step to ensure that you will never have to worry about mold developing in the future.
In some instances, we may need to remove affected drywall, deep clean carpets and furniture, repair flooring, clean out your HVAC ducts, or remove discovered mold.

The perplexing aspect of water damage is how unnoticeable and conniving it can be. What appears to be dry may actually have water damage underneath, which can result in mold growth and deterioration.

Before you begin cleaning, it’s a good idea to take photographs of the incident for your records and make a list of damaged items and areas.Following this, you can do a few things, such as mop up excess water and open windows.

As willing as you are, there is no way to know for certain that the water damage has been cleaned up properly unless a professional such as Restored Air Disaster Solutions is contacted.
We have the equipment, expertise, and knowledge necessary to keep your home safe, dry, and free of water damage.

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